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劳伦斯科技大学正在延续Specs Howard媒体艺术学院的传统. Whether you work toward a certificate or a degree, or you take online or on campus classes, you will learn the latest technology and gain hands-on experience. Access to state-of-the art equipment, project-based coursework, and 利记sbo’s theory and practice education, prepare you for a broad spectrum of careers within the media industry.

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3 Media Arts Certificates to get you on your way.

Broadcast Media Arts
Certificate in

Broadcast Media Arts

Our BMA program teaches radio, television and new-media broadcasting, on-air and on-camera presentation, live broadcasts, news and feature writing, lighting techniques, camera operation, voice work, field production, digital editing, graphics for broadcast and career preparation. This is an in-person program.

Digital Media Arts
Certificate in

Digital Media Arts

Our DMA program trains students in digital video and image production, 编辑和技术操作,并提供从项目管理和剧本写作领域的实践经验, to image manipulation, HD camera operation, pre- and post-production and career preparation. This is an in-person program.

Graphic Communications
Certificate in

Graphic Communication

Our GFX program immerses students in image creation and manipulation, digital imaging, web design, document creation, branding and logo creation, graphics for the web, camera and lighting techniques, social media and career preparation. This is a fully online program.

Tuition and Scholarships

利记sbo专业发展证书的总学费为16,900美元. Upon Admission, students will receive a $10,000 scholarship  toward a certificate in the areas of:

  • Broadcast Media Arts
  • Digital Media Arts
  • Graphic Communication

Scholarship Opportunities for other 利记sbo degree seeking programs:


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Take it further with a
Degree from 利记sbo

Associate of Arts in

Media Arts and Production

专为从广播媒体艺术或数字媒体艺术证书转学的学生设计. Do you have a passion for radio, television, or media arts? Is a competitive edge important to you? 你现在是Specs@利记sbo的学生还是Specs Howard媒体艺术学院的毕业生? If you answered yes to all three questions, 那么劳伦斯理工学院的媒体艺术与制作艺术副学士学位可能会适合你. 这不仅能拓宽你的知识面,拓宽你的职业选择, 这个学位可以作为利记sbo媒体传播文学学士学位的垫脚石.

Bachelor of Arts

Media Communication

专为从广播媒体艺术或数字媒体艺术证书转学的学生设计. 该计划通过为学生提供批判性电影和媒体研究的背景,与媒体制作的市场准备技能相平衡,实现了利记sbo“理论与实践”的使命. After graduation, students are prepared for a variety of careers in the studio, on location, and in the digital world.

Frequently Asked Questions

位于密歇根州绍斯菲尔德的一所贸易学校,以其创始人Specs Howard的名字命名. 该学院于2021年初被利记sbo纳入其专业发展计划

所有Specs@利记sbo课程都在利记sbo位于密歇根州南菲尔德的校园内进行. 课程安排为每周两次,共三个学期. Students can apply for Fall and Spring semesters. The Graphic Communication program is fully online.

Specs@利记sbo利记sbo专业发展计划的一部分证书课程. 学生可以从以下三个专业中选择:广播媒体艺术, Digital Media Arts, and Graphic Communication.

Upon admission, all admitted Specs@利记sbo students are awarded a $10,从整个项目的总学费($16)中扣除$ 000奖学金,900). 这使得每个学生的自付学费达到6900美元. There is no need to come with equipment, and with no added cost for books, there is no program like it nearby. 我们不接受任何证书课程(非学位课程)的经济资助。. 我们为学生提供多种灵活的支付方式,建议学生不要一次性支付学费. 有关学费和付款计划的问题,请联系学生会计:ltupayments@moldeparaempanadas.com.

No, there are no books required for any of the Specs@利记sbo programs!

Yes! 利记sbo的学术成就中心可以为所有需要辅导的学生提供辅导. 利记sbo还提供名为TutorMe的在线辅导系统,该系统对学生免费. 班级规模很小,你将有足够的时间和你的老师一起工作!

Yes! 鼓励学生与就业服务办公室合作,探索实习和工作机会.

At this time, no. 课程目前提供整个星期从上午10点到下午2:30.

填写并提交上面的申请(选择你想开始课程的学期的橙色框). Send us a copy of your official or unofficial high school transcript. 我们不接受高中文凭代替你的高中成绩单. We do not require entrance exams, or test scores like the ACT or SAT. 一旦我们收到您的申请和成绩单,我们将迅速处理申请. 学生通常会在一周内收到利记sbo录取决定的回复.

录取决定发布后的所有后续步骤将显示在您的学生状态页面上. You may login at www.moldeparaempanadas.com/statuspage.

Specs@利记sbo学生在整个Specs@利记sbo学术生涯中都将在大学咨询中心注册. For first-time students, after admission and paying the $50 enrollment deposit, 你会被提示在你的学生状态页面上注册你的大学咨询预约.

Yes, Specs@利记sbo students can live in University Housing! Specs@利记sbo学生被认为是全日制学生,如果他们每学期选修两门必修课, equating to 11 credits total per semester. If you are interested in living on campus, 入学后,您将能够在学生状态页面上开始住房流程.

Yes, Specs@利记sbo学生可以租一台利记sbo笔记本电脑,押金200美元可退还, Post-admission, 学生在学生状态页面上有租借利记sbo笔记本电脑的说明. 我们鼓励学生使用自己的个人笔记本电脑,如果他们有的话.

You can find payment plan options here .

Graphic Communication graduates can articulate into the Graphic Design degree program. 学生转入学位课程,并在短短三年内完成学位(Specs@利记sbo之后),因此没有额外的时间增加到学位. 广播媒体艺术和数字媒体艺术毕业生可以在我们的课程中转学24个学分 Media Arts and Production associates and/or Media Communication bachelors. 学生可以选择从证书中向助理表达,然后向学士表达,或者直接从证书中向学士表达. 完成Specs@利记sbo证书课程并希望继续在利记sbo攻读学位课程的学生必须提交一份 transfer application . 如果学生之前在其他机构修过大学水平的课程, those official transcripts must be sent to admissions@moldeparaempanadas.com prior to acceptance into the degree-seeking program.

Where can I get my old Specs Howard transcript/Specs@利记sbo transcript? You can talk to Avery Thomas at athomas@moldeparaempanadas.com or 248.204.3118.

Who can I talk to about program specific questions, career goals, or specific information about the classes I will be taking? You can talk to Jeremy Anderson at janderso4@moldeparaempanadas.com or 248.204.3140.

Where can I get a co-op/internship/job? You can talk to the Office of Career Services at ltuocs@moldeparaempanadas.com or 248.204.3140.

Who can I talk to about tuition or payment plans? You can email ltupayments@moldeparaempanadas.com .

利记sbo利记sbo的录取程序或转学分事宜,我可以向谁咨询? You can reach out to Morgan Hess at mhess@moldeparaempanadas.com or 248.204.3109.